Meet Ethics.... the new sound of Baja.

By Pavel Ibarra Meda

The memory of a scruffy-looking kid that always keeps his cool is still fresh for me. I always imagined that this skinny dude from Tijuana would share a piece of his mind with the world, and eventually he did. With a kind of dance indy vibe and a lot of feeling for his first music project, Producer Elías Carranco, A.K.A. Ethics, brings us an introductory E.P. that will surely become one of Tijuana's most-played tunes for this generation. 


It is safe to say that the time he has dedicated to the craft of making music has finally payed off, with a mature sound that makes us wonder just how far Ethics can go. The combination of lyrics that make you think about life and the ups and downs it has, and an electronic vibe that gets the hips moving, tells us that this artist has tasted all kinds of music, but is looking to define his sound and signature as one of the most eclectic and versatile producers of the Millennial generation. It's not a matter of liking the material or not, it's a matter of sending a message that stands still between peace and serenity.


But enough of my ranting. Hear it directly from the mind of Ethics instead, just for y'all...


Kinofilia.-Why Ethics?

Ethics.- When I was a kid I feared world war three and the mayan apocalypse, so they took me to a psychologist. After the session they told my parents that I lack criteria and I would never really have any. So I always ask myself about ethics and morality. I don't really know if anything is right or wrong, but now I know that psychologist was a dumb ass because I think I'm pretty conscious. 


Kinofilia.- How would you define your music genre?

Ethics.- Genres are for movies. I think music is always evolving and people are complex and in constant change. I don't want to stay stuck to a genre because I like to listen to various types of music, and it would be narrow-minded to force myself to listen to one type of music all my life... like eating tuna everyday, it gets boring.

Kinofilia.- Name the main influences you've had in your music life.

Ethics.- I'd say I started listening to disco and funk at a very early age and then started descending into punk and hardcore for my teenage years. After that I started to *grow up* and be more open to everything. 


Kinofilia.- What is the impact that independent musicians have had in your upbringing as an artist?

Ethics.-  Well, I like the chaos it can bring, and the intimacy an independent artist can provide to the listeners or participants. You can get a sense of the band's personality, instead of just dropping the coin and getting your music from the vending machine. 

Kinofilia.- Tell us a little bit about your early years and the process of becoming the concept of Ethics as a whole.

Ethics.- It's been a long process. It started at 12 when my best friend decided to leave skateboarding and start a band, just because. I guess that's what you do when you're 12, so I raised money for a cheap electric guitar and sucked at it. 


I didn't expect to need classes so my friend along with the others cut me out of the band, even though the practice space was in my house. I just sat there listening to shitty Nirvana covers. One day the drummer quit, and they told me to get some drums and play so I did. After that I was a drummer most of my teenage years. I started trying to sing but every band I was in kicked me out. It's alright though because everyone had some sort of idea of what they wanted and I always wanted to go in a different direction. 

I got fed up, and started making music by myself. I really got lost in that DJ phase, which I'm glad is over. I was really young when I got my first LA label deal and tour in Europe. While I was in that scene I realized old DJ´s aren´t cool and music gets annoying after a while, like a zombie pace machine, everybody just bobbing they're head in a synchronized motion. 


Soon after that I dropped out and wanted to do comedy and film for a while. It's been 6 years since I stopped making music, but now I know that life is not meant for one thing, it's meant to do whatever makes you happy, and music makes me happy because it's the ultimate way I can express how I feel and think in a nutshell. 


Kinofilia.- What other artistic hobbies and abilities does Ethics posses as a band?

Ethics.- I make dark humor stuff, cartoons and films. 

Kinofilia.- Tell us about your favorite art forms in general and how you combine or use them to make your music.

Ethics.- I want Ethics to be a multimedia artist, not only music but everything. I want no limitations. Right now I've only been doing video, photography and music, but who knows. I just love creating. 



In his new E.P. called Instincts, Ethics explores this indy dance vibe with the nostalgia of the places and surely the individuals that have surrounded him throughout his life. Reaching this sound after years of hard work and dedication, Ethic's music tells us that we may have the newest fresh big artist and performer on our hands. The sky is the limit. Here at Kinofilia we thank you for the exclusive interview, wish you the best of luck, and salute your body of art.

For more info on Ethics visit his Facebook page and his Soundcloud profile.