Dirtybird Campout 2016


 at the dirtybird campout 

Coverage and Photography:

Roger Coppola & Hannah Mendoza

Stephanie Beach, Stripper and Cup Cake Extraordinaire

San Diego native Stephanie Beach is a veteran Dirtybird Camper. The 5’7’’ blue eyed, naturally blonde beaming light lit up our day as we found her wandering the food vender area. The disco-ball inspired nail polish caught our eye and we stopped her in-line for some shakshuka to see how her weekend was stacking-up. When she’s not twerking her cupcake, she can be found making cupcakes for catering events around Los Angeles. This was her second year out to the infamous Campout and she was impressed with the new and improved setup.

Three words to describe the festival?

Fun. Creative. Experience.”

Which of the Dirtybirds has the best Dad bod?

It’d have to be the security guard I met earlier. I don’t know if he had a kid, but he had a nice body. SHOUT OUT TO RUSSELL THE LOVE MUSCLE! He even let me touch his beard!

What would you like to see out at the Campout next year?

A stripper poll. Honestly, if not for the fitness value and the ability to connect, it’s entertaining and fun. Also, a blanket renting station would be great!”

Write here...

“Everyone is so nice. The vibes are incredible!”


Carly, from DC

Carly made her way out from DC for the weekend to get a taste of California’s festival community. As a wave of overwhelming happiness washed over the thirsty reservoir outskirts, Carly was left in awe of everyone’s openness as she experienced and observed the freakish hippie lifestyle. Her first taste of Dirtybird, the West Coast transformational environment, and refreshing Kombucha-wine left her smiling throughout the weekend. We found her perched atop a shaded walking bridge with megaphone in-hand and sat her down for a few questions.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve overheard and/or seen this weekend?

There was some dude passing out random stickers and slapping them on people as they walked by. I’m like, in DC they would no joke, turn around and slap you if you pulled something like that. I’m watching him do this like NO! I kept watching and people would just laugh and smile. People here are crazy, and amazing!”

Which of the Dirtybirds has the best Dad bod?

Clearly Claude. His Barclay Crenshaw set was so dope. DAD BOD! He was in the tug-of-war earlier and holding it down!”

Three words to describe the festival?

Hippie. Chill. Amazing.

“You can’t beat the friendships, the costumes, the sparkles, and the camaraderie at the Dirtybird Campout!”

-Stephanie Beach

Megan, Photographer - "I love the venue!"

What’s been your highlight of the weekend?

“I really like the campgrounds. We had a great setup and awesome neighbors. Everyone is hanging out, making jokes, laughing, just having a good time. Sitting in our lawn chairs, shooting the shit.”

What was your favorite set?

“Reggie Watts. Even though everyone was hating on the set, saying it wasn’t a good flow after Justin Martin (who was amazing too!). I don’t know though, I just love the entire feeling that Reggie Watts gave. He’s so creativity and we were so close to him on stage!”

What’s the story with your shark tooth tattoo?

“I always told myself that I’d never get matching tattoos. I’ve got a few stick and poke, plus the one of my dog Cody. But yea, one night I was with a few of my friends. One of my best friends Sal (83 yrs old) and my friend Amanda, or “Meow Meow,” and I were out and randomly we were like, “Let’s all get tattoos!” We came up with the idea of a shark tooth and all got it!”



Roman the Pineapple Man.

A furry, pink flamingo hat periscopes above the busy crowd. It’s elongated neck and pin-spotted eyes bob and nod to the frolicking campers as they pass-by. The flamingo exits the dancing herd to reveal a grinning Roman flaunting colorful attire and holstered flabongo. He stands cradling a pineapple urn as if it was his newborn child. The golden cage houses a ripe pineapple ready for sacrifice. Roman pulls out a knife to perform the delicate task of dicing up delicious morsels. We join him to indulge on the fruit and inquire about his experience.

What is the story of the golden pineapple?

“Dude, last week I went to CRSSD festival in San Diego. I went up to the food vendors and there was a Hawaiian BBQ stand. They had this thing on the front counter. I was thinking to myself, I love pineapples. So I asked the guy working the front, ‘how much for the pineapple?’

He looked at me confused and said, ‘Naw, that’s my mom’s favorite right there. She’s never gonna give that thing up.’

I needed that pineapple, so I told him I had to meet her and work out a deal. He walks me to the side of the food truck and introduces me. Before she said hi, I told her I’d give her 100 bucks for the golden pineapple. She looked at me, smiled, and said, ‘sure.’

I gave her $100. She just made my life. The rest is history.”