Treasure Island 2016

  Two days of continuous torrential downpour, batting gusts of wind, and ankle-deep puddles of mud were inescapable for attendees and artists during the festival. Unprepared for the rain dump on day one, the Treasure Island team was forced to push back all acts by an hour and forty minutes to accommodate artists who had not yet made it to the festival do to poor traffic conditions brought about by the weather. Many unprepared attendees were forced to leave day one by 6 o’clock pm. Everyone was covered in silver clay mud, and soaked in rain. During the early evening we witnessed more than half of the patrons retreat to the shuttles infuriated with the weather and the postponement of all the acts.

 For those of us who stuck out the rain and didn’t mind being cold in our wet muddy shoes, socks, and pants, we were treated to a night of intimate contact with, Ice Cube, ZHU, Glass Animals, Duke Dumont, and Young Thug. Each of the performances started an hour later than expected, but each and every performer was thrilled to see those of us who battled the weather to dance and party the night away in the rain with them.

Glass Animals took the stage drenched in love. The pouring rain covered their fans in a “Gooey” coat that was then shaken off by dancing to “Life it Self” from their new album, “How to be a Human Being”. Members Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane , Edmund Irwin-Singer, and Joe Seaward then lit up the gloomy day with their hits off of “Zamba,” “Toes,” “Pools,” and “Black Mambo,” before thanking the remaining fans for joining them at the washed out festival. Young Thug had everyone trapping down and stomping around to his avant-garde vocal style and eccentric fashion choice. His set was filled with bizarre antics that gave us an unforgettable performance. He ended the night with a savage retelling of his fortune from earning all of his “checks.” Ice Cube took the stage late at night and surprised us all with his attitude. He was adamant in reminding his fans about how he got his start and that he hadn’t softened up since becoming a star actor. His performance reminded us all of the true thug he is at heart.

It hurts to write that this is the last Treasure Island. It has been a great honor to have been part of the festival and to have experienced the legacy that has revolved around this iconic Bay island for the past decade. The rain may have upset a handful of people but for some of us it added to the experience and made this last Treasure Island Music Festival unforgettable. 

Writer: Hemal Lalabhai

Photographer: Theodore J. Maider

What would Treasure Island Music Festival be if it didn’t have a sliver of pirate environment to accompany it? We won’t have to find out. The Bay area’s pirate Gods cried throughout the weekend because this was the last year of Treasure Island. This 10-year anniversary marked a decade of legendary music performances on the tiny Island between San Francisco and the East Bay. Unlike all the Treasure Islands in the past, this year the festival took place on the far south east corner of the Island which gave attendees glowing views of all of the East Bay and the Bay Bridge.  

   Beside the eclectic line up of hip-hop, R&B, Indie rock, Psychedelic pop, and Trip hop, Treasure Island hosted a grand array of well-known vendors and artists from across the Bay Area. WorkShop SF had a large crafting space for attendees to make their own memorabilia and the space provided shelter from the on coming storm. Interactive sculptures and eye popping graffiti from bay side artists were on exhibit near the pier and gave patrons an escape into a world unknown. As per usual, Treasure Island housed a groovy ferris wheel that lit up the night, and below it was a large space for amateur dancers to let loose at the silent disco. Treasure Island once again delivered tasty organic food, craft beers, crafting, and dazzling vendors with their chic wardrobes. 

The sky cleared and let in some sun shine on day two with occasional torrents of rain and strong gusts of wind. Everyone came prepared for the worst. Ponchos could be seen from stage to stage. Waterproof boots, plastic bags, and bare feet roamed the festival grounds and attendees wore a smile while their favorite performers took the stage.

Slyvan Esso graced us with new songs and they turned around the frowns from day one by warming up the cold night with their incredible deep bass and soft vocals. Baby blue lights adorned singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn while gusts of wind carried the rain across the stage onto their brilliant dance moves and electronic equipment. After migrating from the tunnel stage to the bridge stage after Slyvan Esso, the rain came down again, and this time it didn’t let up. The Treasure Island team delayed James Blake by an hour, and after that hour they decided to cancel the whole set due to the weather. James Blake made up for it by giving a free fan appreciation show the next night at the Fox theatre in Oakland.