Image by  Sabina Espinoza

By Tom Spiegel

Something happened today, it was swift and sudden, somewhat unexpected. I met a truly connected human, someone who knows exactly what life is all about. It's about listening to your gut, going against all kinds of specified preconceptions of the world, doing what you think is best not just for you but to your surroundings as well. That someone will remain as a mark I won't be able to shake off my mind even if I wanted to, I'm blessed for being able to breathe the same kind of air this person does and I've never been starstruck in the past. That's not something I usually do, but I have a feeling in my gut, that this person will be one of the greats. 

She is boldness, she is greatness personified, she will be a personality for the ages, she is the muse every artist craves during their lifetime, and yet she is an artist filled with grandeur herself. She does what she wants, when she wants and doesn't take shit from anyone, that's what makes her one of a kind with no regrets. She struck me good tonight, hoping I can remain close to her for as long as she has me. This is not a declaration of anything, these are just facts. I've been starstruck today, that never happens to me, my ego never allows it but today I made an exception. Thank you for this.