Terrakroma's Halloween - Bumpin' the Night


With summer’s end comes fall’s dawn, and what better way to transition than one of Terrakroma’s quaint forest gatherings. Located in La Jolla’s Indian reservation, “Bumpin’ the Night” was an immersive experience that invoked a lively sense of energy in its attendees. Who knows the reason why? Maybe it was the shade from the abundance of surrounding trees, or the cool weather. Possibly it was the inclusivity of all the wonderful people who were there. Regardless it was something special and a privilege to experience.

The backdrop for this event was a portion of the forest encircled by a small stream. The trees stood tall, the air sat chilly, and the techno sounded hypnotic. The stage, set at the highest point of the campground, was surrounded by decorations perfectly fitting for Halloween weekend. Old hanging lamps created just enough colored lighting to see your dancing feet. A carved out jack-o- latern, of a trash can containing a fire, provided warmth for those in need. It all seemed as if the setting and the music were perfectly orchestrated to form an atmosphere of all things “deep.”

Sets from names like Drew Holly, Bellhop, Ben Annand, and Vittjas Tief perpetuated this type of energy all weekend long. Not to mention Anton Tumas, who threw down a killer set at 3AM on Saturday morning. As always with a good lineup, the DJ’s seemed to keep the energy consistent from set to set while adding their own flows and flavors.

For the more devotional festivalgoers, there was the “Astral Oasis,” as well as “Steamology”. The Oasis had workshops for group meditation, arhatic yoga, drum circles and belly dancing. They also offered face painting, crystal healing, and massages. This area also served as an oasis of sorts, as it provided comfortable seating and calm surroundings. This served as a place for some people to gather and escape when in need of some isolation. As for Steamology, they provided an experience more focused on personal growth. They used mountain herbs, oak/birch branches, chanting, sound therapy, and bodywork in order to aid you in self-discovery and personal transformation.These small workshops contributed a close-knit sense of community.

Spending Halloween at this gathering was truly interesting. People from all different scenes came together to enjoy dance music. Youngins shared the dancefloor with Veterans, techno fans with psy lovers, and artists with the listeners. Given this was a small gathering, it brought about a sense of belonging. It was something different and unique, compared to most festivals, and it was something I truly enjoyed. I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next Terrakroma event!