Vocal butterflies Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe metamorphosized their fans hearts at The Fillmore in San Francisco. The pair of magnetic female matadors hypnotized the crowd with their blood-orange and gold capes, with swirling sequins and tattered off fringes. Their two powerful respective voices shatter all other conventional music performances with their creative and simple dedication to sharing a single microphone and dressing in the same elegant getups. Behind them is the compliment of Peter Lalish, Andrew Burri, and Dan Molad. Masters of their own trade of various guitars and drums. Together they shine the light of Lucius. 


Holly and Jess are known for creating an atmosphere of magical surrealism through the madness of their appearance, their energy, and dynamic lyrics. Their new record "Good Grief" has a familiar feel taking listeners to a lost time with strong reflective elements and known patterns that make you feel at home. Lucius harnesses a carefully stitched radiance of new age rhythms with precision vocals, giving way to releasing tensions and summoning new freedoms.



Having been on tour for the past year Lucius has taken on the challenges of the road successfully. Their success was predestined since joining together almost a decade ago at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The now LA based band ventures across the globe washing down fans with torrents of soothing lyrics and promises of unity through shared experiences and a love for music. 


 The sold out crowd at The Fillmore gathered shoulder to shoulder, moving their feet to "let's dance", and singing along in mumbling breaths to songs as powerful as "My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve" and "Gone Insane". Lucius is a group that is unique and captivating, giving fans an escape from reality. Lucius is a radiant light that journeys from the hearts of Holly and Jess, piercing into their fans musical capacities. Lucius is a must see if given the chance. Go out of your way to listen to their new album "Good Grief". 




-Hemal Lalabhai