Fuck You

This passage was written by a Portuguese soldier upon the launch of sputnik. The man was fighting in the Portuguese Colonial War in Africa and was struggling with his devout Catholicism's erosion in the face of the horror he saw.

When the Lord made the world, He created the land, and He filled it with mighty beasts and vibrant plants, a realm diverse to stand unclaimed throughout the ages.

  But Man said 'Fuck You', and he tamed the beasts, domesticated the plants, and conquered the land, shaping it to its will. 

  And so the Lord made the seas, an even vaster realm of crushing depths, and he populated it with colossal beasts, so the beings of land would never set foot on it.

  But Man said 'Fuck You' and he took to the waves, ruled above and below them, until the secrets of the sea were secrets no more, and the realm of Man was expanded.

  And so the Lord made the skies, too distant for beings of land and sea, gave it to the bearers of wings, and he rejoiced, for man could not possibly rule over such a place.

  But Man said 'Fuck You', and he built balloons and grew metal wings, ventured into this new realm, and when the birds themselves bowed before the unstoppable ones, the skies joined the realm of Man.

  And so in great despair, the Lord made space, a colossal Empire of immeasurable proportions, a nightmare so hostile to life that no beast, small or mighty, could inhabit it, and He believed Man had been stopped.

  But Man stared the Lord in the eyes and said...

  'Fuck you'