About racism, that awful habit

Photo credit:  Black Lives Matter

Photo credit: Black Lives Matter

By Tom Spiegel

It's hard to say what is worse, the fact that we are still living here or the fact that most of the population of the world just acts indifferent to what's going on out there. The most indisputable fact in everything that goes on in this plane is this: peace seems like a far away sweet treat to a person that has diabetes. You may have it at some moment, but you can't have it for a long time because somehow it seems that if you abuse it, it will seem like too much and that can't be good can it?

I didn't come here to criticize the American way of life, for starters calling the United States, “America,” seems a little bit narcissistic of you ask me. The whole continent composed by the US, Canada, Mexico, all the Central American Countries and all of South America are called “America” in the first place. Why would you make something your own if it doesn't even belong to you in the first place? Because that's how the people from the United States inherently act. It’s in their nature. Racism is a whole different thing from what I'm talking about. Actually, I think that my topic right here is the very essence of discrimination in general. 

It's that uncontrollable need to quickly call something yours right after you glance at it. It's that inevitable human condition which has taken us to the messy world we all are in right now. Forget all the problems with religion and xenophobia we are all going through on a daily basis. If we don't modify this human condition it will take us to that end we all fear faster than you think about a flatulence right after it left your butthole. We need to understand that all these labels that society has invested so much time in making us believe that exist, are just tools for them to round us up and bend us to their will. 

We all bleed the same color, we are not white, brown, yellow or black. We are all just people, individuals who have the capacity to converse about ideas and create situations that help them coexist as a whole. To keep thinking that it's a race thing especially in the US, it's to keep giving them the power over us at all times. There are people who are still blinded by all those social constructs of reality who are too self-absorbed into the whole collage of things they make us consume on a day to day basis. But the truth is way more simple than just that, but saying all this doesn't give me the key to what the actual truth is because I'm not even from the US and I don't really know what it is to understand the whole historic impact of a movement that's been here from the beginning. 


But as I said before, I can't even begin to understand what people from the African American community are going through because of the historic background you have with your government and the white race in general. One thing I can tell you, is that white privilege has existed forever but it's way more notorious in the United States and other countries in Europe such as England or Germany where slavery was a much bigger issue in the past. In other countries where mixing races hasn't been as demonized as there, white privilege presents itself in different and milder ways. In Mexico, when a baby is born with white-skinned he gets treated differently than a baby with a darker skin, this is just how things work in third world countries.

So when it comes to all those movements of Black Lives Matter and that race issue you as a nation can't seem to shake off, I worry because regardless of how much you brag about being the land of the free and a first world country, I see that you are going backwards as a nation due to all these stupid issues that still have an effect in your everyday lives. Please realize that we are all supposed to be past all that racial tension for decades, you are the ones who are still trying to make a big deal out of it. I truly believe that ignoring the most vocal individuals when it comes to this topic will help you get past the problem quicker.

When you say a certain color of lives matter, you got to realize that in reality lives don't really matter. The universe is such a vast place, that it doesn't really give a fuck about any of us anyway. 

 But then again I say. Peace and love are all that matters.   


Photo credit: Jean Jullien

Photo credit: Jean Jullien