Survival Guide To Envision

By John Karlo Torres


There are only 7 days left until the Pura Vida begins at Envision Festival in Costa Rica. The joy and magic of these types of gatherings is that although they feel familiar, no two are exactly alike. If you are a procrastinator like me, this is the perfect time to make sure you have everything in place for a beautiful time in the rainforest.



The Envision website is a great resource to make sure you are prepared for dancing in the rain forest, firing up your centers with yoga, and nourishing your body and mind with delicious meals. Let's highlight some important Envision website links with great information, click the images below for more info!


Skipping over the camping basics, there are some important items you shouldn't leave home without. Envision finds its home in the rainforest touching the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and it is HOT. If you haven't visited similar environments, the humidity might feel like a force to be reckoned with but preparing a little goes a long way.

  • Electrolytes! - Dancing and being active all day in the hot, humid sun requires extra care. Give your water a boost and bring packets of electrolytes to replenish important minerals and sugars to get you through the heat. 
  • Re-usable Water Bottle - There are no plastic water bottles so come prepared or bring extra cash and support the vendors. Extra perks if you can attach your bottle to a bag or your person.
  • Headlamp - MUST HAVE! If you are camping out in the dark, these little magic beams of light make everything extra convenient. Don't forget extra batteries!
  • Bug Repellent - There are a lot of natural sunscreens out that that come pre-loaded with bug repellent. Enjoy the amazing diversity of the bug kingdom but remember, some do BITE.
  • Waterproof Watch - There are a lot of great artists, workshops, and classes all packed into 4 days. Make a plan on what you want to do and your trusty watch will weather the elements and help you not miss your must do's.
  • Sun Hat - One accessory can make a world of a difference. You might be busy having way too much fun to remember sunscreen. Protect your face with a nice cooling hat. 
  • Shower Towel - If you are looking for something small and light, grab yourself a micro-fiber towel. They come in great colors and dry quickly.
  • Beach/Lounge Towel - It is a good idea to have something other than your shower towel to lay out and enjoy the beach, the sun, and all the other spots exposed to the elements. 
  • Rain Tarp - The rainforest is unpredictable and it could rain at any moment. Keeping your things dry will give you more time to explore and adventure.
  • Spanish Fan - This is definitely not a need to have but helpful if you know you need a little extra something to take the edge off in the heat.
  • Hammock - The village has hammocks but if you like to adventure out and swing from the trees, having a hammock will bring you closer to the life of the monkeys.