CRSSD Festival, which is held twice a year at the iconic Waterfront Park in San Diego, has done it again. This year, CRSSD's metamorphosis seems complete - The event has matured. The lineup, sound quality, party goers and vibes can easily put it on the map with top festivals in the U.S. and our neighbors across the pond. 

Friday night was blessed with good weather and better music. Recondite sailed us through an electronic ocean. Tiny highs and lows lifted the crowd up and gently let us down. Then when it was time to move, timely drops hit your body like bursts of wind. 2MANYDJS carried this pace, but with higher energy and quicker transitions. Duke Demont made an appearance, but his set lacked energy. This could be due to the fact that they always seem to turn the volume down on the main stage after 9 pm, which is unfortunate because it is the largest space by far.

All of the normal accessories were readily available at CRSDD. There was a great selection of craft beers and food options as well as chill out areas. If CRSSD keeps reproducing events of this caliber, San Diego will soon have a world class festival on its hands.


After Saturday night at CRSSD Fest, the expectation for Sunday was low to be quite honest. I decided to start off at around 3:30 and immediately made my way to the first alcohol booth. After the first drink of the day took the edge off, I was ready to start absorbing the music. 

Sunday seemed to be much more packed and the lines were long. The first act I soaked in was Dusky, who was at the main stage and did a standard live set at what also happens to be my least favorite stage. The party started to pick up back at the City Steps stage where Cassy dropped a sick set of deep house. After she killed it for an hour it flowed seamlessly into Seth Troxler and Eats Everything who tag teamed to perform a back to back set.  


This back to back set was super deep at times and also super spacey, leaving me feeling thirsty for more beer.  This also happens to the moment where, for some reason, i was constantly double fisting whiskey and beer and smoking a doobie. My feet couldn't stop moving, because on top of the drugs and alcohol, the music was intoxicatingly addictive and forced my body to feel the beat. After the back to back set was over,  I accidentally made my way to the Flume show at the main stage. My original intention was to catch Claude Vonstroke, but of course nothing ever goes as planned. 

Not only was Flume one of the best shows at CRSSD, but it totally blew away a previous performance I had seen of him years ago. Flume dropped a diverse set of songs and sounds ranging from trap to techno and then back to a tripped out version of RL Grime. He mixed some songs and played some live electronic sounds that kept me on his wave of momentum and energy.  At 10 pm sharp the music ended abruptly and left the thousands in the crowd sad as hell. Satisfied but unfulfilled was the feeling I was left with. There was so much great music but the event ends too early, rolling into the night, anticipating and hoping next year will be just as amazing.