The new era of Fake News

By Tom Spiegel

We have to face the crude reality in this brave but unaware and uneducated new world, journalism is slowly dying and it may even disappear in due time. While many so-called experts in the craft want to escape the fact that people are getting increasingly more tired of reading, they have the stupid notion that journalism is evolving into some weird hybrid where memes and short attention span content is daily produced. Internet and viral "content" has taken over the world of information by storm, there is nothing we can do to stop it. 

The reason for this is simple, people are growing stupider by the minute, parents no longer educate their children with good reading material. Instead, they condone a conduct that has them all hypnotized in front of screens wasting away valuable minutes they could be using in either a proper class of something useful for humanity or just reading one of the classics. They have traded Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Plato, Sartre and Dickens, for all these pseudo influential people from the internet. Their names are not even worth mentioning, there is very few material or channels available that actually teach you something meaningful online. 

Not to say there isn't any great material at all, it's just that the most reported one by the multi-media giants is usually the viral content that has nothing to do with actual culture or literature. The latest example of this is the United States' new Secretary of education, a billionaire who has no idea of what the word education actually implies and is about to be the main representative and responsible for the education of millions of young people in America. But the one to blame for this appointment is none other than the people, they are the ones who are still worried more about the latest celebrity gossip instead of what is actually going on around the world. 

And here is where this article really becomes relevant, this is all a vicious cycle of fake information that has been the norm for the last couple of years. People who are actually looking for the truth either online or in the mainstream media doesn't know who to trust anymore, depending on the political ideology they belong to, one side usually blames the other for spouting lies to the public in a never-ending process that has people really tired of the establishment. There is no way they will be well-educated with the truth and actual fact-checked information if both sides exaggerate stories or simply lie in all of their reports. This goes both ways, because all the media has managed to transform into a cancer for society these days. 

In my view, the only source of information that can be trusted is the science community because they have all their facts constantly checked. Also, mainstream media news outlets that take a huge amount of their time to demonize or discredit other media outlets are never reliable. But just for the sake of it, take any regular news story that is usually covered by the media like the past Groundhog Day celebration for instance. Watching all news media outlets practically open their coverage with the exact same opening line is really scary, this tells us that they all usually have the same kind of script with mild variations. We wonder where that same script is coming from...

Nowadays, using the term fake news loosely is not very smart, the reality is that the only news that matter or count are the ones that can be fact-checked. Otherwise, you are just contributing to enlarge that humongous mountain of bullshit that mainstream media outlets have been invested in sharing with the public, turning them into mindless beasts that elect nepotic regimes for office. The bottom line is, if you are not consuming the kind of news that always question everything and stay on top of the general issues around the world, chances are that you are just another one of those zombies controlled by the establishment. 

If that is your case then it would be wise for you to thoroughly analyze the kind of content you consume on a daily basis, you have to learn how to trigger your instinct that detects when you are reading or looking directly at bull-shit. Try to look at the misfits of the mainstream media, the ones that don't let anyone dictate what they write or share with their audiences, those are the ones that you should follow. But most of all, knowledge is best found in libraries and museums. There is no better teacher than literature or history, those are the ones who lived through the most remembered periods in time, the ones that left a mark in humanity. 

Today's world is nothing but a shadow of what humans used to be, we have lost that sense of greatness and replaced it with an idea that having wealth and things is what defines us as individuals. We have lost the sense of appreciation for the things that matter in this reality, thus constructing a fake and plastic plane that is bringing us closer and closer to our demise. But we can't lose hope on ourselves, starting by consuming real information is a great start. I dare you all to question every single snippet of info that comes knocking on your door, give it a try and see how it goes, you might get surprised at the feedback you get from the experience.

Love trumps hate all day, everyday

By Tom Spiegel

As it may sound like an overstated phrase, Donald Trump has managed to let fear and hate rule the United States of America in his first week in office. But what did everyone expect from a man who has always been more interested in ratings and money above everything else? There is no denying that the future is uncertain from this point on, but to everyone who is feeling hopeless and desperate I say: you can always take the peaceful approach and protest everything you believe that the Donald is doing wrong. 

But in doing so, you are automatically giving hate and fear the same level you are giving reason and understanding, and I believe that this is the first mistake every peaceful activist is making in the last days. Fear, hatred, discrimination and evil should not be normalized as an everyday activity, this is how dictatorships start. This is how social and political climate used to be in the fifties, the fucking fifties!! I really don't give a fuck about what the alt right says, no ideology based on all the characteristics mentioned above should be given a chance to see the light of day, they should be immediately silenced for the sake of mankind. 

All that extreme thinking that only divides people is falsely appearing as a conservative philosophy, but the real conservatives will tell you that their beliefs are not based on discriminating others of feeling superior in any shape or form. Conservatives think about having a more reserved way of life, but always based on respect for the way that other people think without imposing their ideology in any way. One could even say that any conservative ideology is mostly gone as chivalry is dying also, that elegance is nowhere to be seen in the United States' conservative side. 

But this goes beyond being either a Democrat or a Republican, this goes beyond being Christian or Muslim, this goes beyond being an atheist or a believer. This whole problem is a fundamental inherent issue that human beings have had to deal with since they have been able to use their intellect, it's really just about not being a dick towards your neighbor and understanding that we are all humans and we all deserve to have the same opportunities as the rest of the people. This is what the people from the alt-right, the white supremacist and any person who discriminates another doesn't seem to understand.

The media doesn't help either, there is no certain way of knowing which news outlet is the most reliable one, all of them claim to tell the truth about everything and yet they are all sharing information that automatically opposes the other self-proclaimed reliable news outlet across the street. Y'all don't realize that in this day and age, World War three has already begun, but it's not a nuclear or physical war, this is an information war that we are all a part of. The bombs dropped by the media or certain individuals with a secret agenda, are usually scandals or accusations that directly affect the fate of the world. 

I really have no idea what the future has in store for us, but whatever happens we completely deserve it, because even the people who aren't doing anything to stop the ones doing the most harm and believe that peaceful marching will solve anything, are the ones that also contribute to the problem. Evil has is like a hydra as it has many heads, cutting off the heads has already proven that doesn't work. One has to slay the hydra's very existence from the core, from the very root of the problem and not give it any chance to grow again stronger and more powerful than before. The moment we understand this, is the moment we'll start evolving as humen beings, but meanwhile we are all stuck in the same vicious cycle.