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Minimal Effort NYE

Coverage: Kinofilia
Photo: Chris Soltis

Minimal Effort NYE was da’ business!  Located at the Globe Theater in downtown LA, Minimal Effort brought together one of the most eclectic crowds and solid musical sets I’ve seen to date. The carefully curated lineup was a brilliant way to rage in the New Year. Notable acts included Stephan Bodzin, Simian Mobile Disco, Henry Saiz (Live), Francesca Lombardo and the Desert Hearts crew. Early bird tickets started off at $49 with last call hovering around $79. To use a cliché, this event was major bang-for-your-buck.

While many New Year’s Eve events push the limit with artificial glitz and glamour, Minimal Effort is a much needed antithesis. The vibe at the Globe Theater was incredible - you had a mix of burners, music-heads, young-to-old and a bit of everything in between. The diversity in the crowd was a rare sight and it added to the energy of the event. The Globe Theater was an amazing venue. Upon entering the classic theater you were greeted by the main stage and a floor with ample space for dancing. If you decided to switch it up, there were two different basements stages pumping out dope beats and good vibes. It was easy to lose yourself on any of the dance floors - happily forgetting about the outside world while immersed in the crowd.

Stephan Bodzin brought house down with his set. It was clear that more than a few people were in the crowd for him. Supposedly, this was his first time playing in North America and I met a few partygoers who flew from Canada just to see him play. The dark emblematic melodies drew you deeper into his set and the only way out of the barrel was with his perfectly timed transitions.

Photo: Jamie - INFAMOUSPR

THE DARK EMBLEMATIC MELODIES DREW YOU DEEPER INTO HIS SET AND THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THE BARREL WAS WITH HIS PERFECTLY TIMED TRANSITIONS. The Desert Hearts clan brought the same house and techno vibe along with the tailored fur crew. Another act worth mentioning was Henry Saiz (live). His set was lively and fun. You couldn’t help but smile at your neighbor and dance to the beats until the curtain dropped at 4 a.m.  If that wasn’t enough for you, there was an after party the next evening and Minimal Effort consistently delivered more of the same great sets.

The “Recovery” after party was held at Coutre in Hollywood and, like the New Year’s Eve event, it was a dark, dancey, no-bullshit vibe with the venue packed by 11 pm on a Sunday. It was clear from the energy and community vibe that the partygoers had never stopped running through the 24 hour period. Francesca Lombardo led the night with an entrancing set that filled the dance floor - an intensely fun, bittersweet mix of fatigue and joy that can only come from submerging yourself in a crew of people coming together not to look, and be looked at, but to have a good time.

I haven’t been made a “fan” of certain party promotions for a minute, but it’s safe to say I’ll be keeping my eye on the next Minimal Effort events.