CRSSD Festival 2018

Photo Credit: Felicia Garcia- FLG, Miranda McDonald- MNM , Skyler Greene- SAG, Eric Scire- EDS

CRSSD Festival Spring 2018 sold out this year and made its mark on San Diego’s Electronic scene yet again. The pattern is apparent and the formula is simple – combine amazing music with an eclectic crowd at a beautiful venue. CRSSD caters to an slightly older crowd that has an ear for music and enjoys an intimate setting without all the glam and glitter of EDM monster events.

CRSSD festivals’s prominent performances were Empire of the Sun, Bonobo, Trippy Turtle, Henry Saiz, Cirez D, Nicole Moudaber and many more. 

A common tale reiterated through the festival circuit was that Empire's stage performance manifests a gateway - an invitation to dream with eyes wide open. Empire's performance combines theatrics, music, and visuals which pulls you past the event horizon and into a space of euphoria.

Some other notable acts were Nicole Moudabers set and Trippy Turtles anthropomorphic performance. We've provided a CRSSD Playlist below so have a sample and have a dance and make sure to have a beautiful day. See you at CRSSD Next year :)




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Headliners include long awaited San Diego performances by CASSY, Bamboozle from Soul Clap, King Britt, Hyenah, Demuir, and Eli Escobar.

Get ready for another high-octane weekend in San Diego, May 3-6! A celebration of music, dance, and culture in Southern California, the music conference and festival is blossoming right alongside San Diego’s incredible cultural renaissance. With nearly half of attendees coming from out of town, the West Coast Weekender audience rings in a truly one-of-a-kind vibe. The influx of activity—plus the San Diego underground community’s enthusiasm—creates an infectious, old school energy that’s of another era.

Festivities kick off Thursday afternoon at the iconic Lafayette Hotel, Swim Club & Bungalows, right at the junction of San Diego’s hip University Heights and North Parkdistricts and just minutes from the festival grounds. Start your day with brunch and poolside entertainment sponsored by Stoli Vodka. Panel discussions, Ableton workshops, and yoga sessions will be offered throughout the weekend. In between, immerse yourself in art, house, and drum and bass at Balboa Park’s multi-cultural and eclectic Worldbeat Cultural Center.

This year West Coast Weekender 2018 will also be supported by Traxsource, a unique electronic music store created and curated by DJs with decades of experience in the music industry.

Thurs May 3
Lafayette Hotel 3pm – Close

Mark di Meo . Del . DJ Ala. Eric Groove. Marshall Jones .

Fri May 4
Lafayette Hotel 11am – 5pm
Worldbeat Center 5pm to Close

Hyenah . Doc Martin (Sublevel Live ft Lillia) . Eli Escobar . Hector Romero . David Harness .
Oscar P . Cris Herrera . DJ Mes . Urulu . Adam Gibbons . Red Sonya . Alien Tom .
Mikeytown . Matthew Brian . Bumpy Nuggets . Francisco Moreno . Vinh Sol .

Sat May 5
Lafayette Hotel 11am – 5pm
Worldbeat Center 5pm to Close

Cassy . Bamboozle from Soulclap . Demuir . Eric Medina . Garva . MC Ridda . Paluka .
Rebellion . Masha . Caliparis . Andrew Wilkinson . Chrysocolla . Arielle Z . Drummer John .
Coflo . Evlo . DiscoSupreme . Full D&B Line Up TBA .

Sun May 6
Lafayette Hotel 11am – Close

King Britt . Nickodemus . Fred Everything . Julius Papp . Master Kev . Sunlightsquare .
DJ Kincaid . Cole Vassallo . Nimbus . Chris Annibell . WhoDaHell .

Monday May 7
Lafayette Hotel 11am – Close

Pool Party / Line Up TBC

CRSSD Festival Fall 2017

Photo Credit: Julian Bajsel - @jbajsel

CRSSD Festival Fall 2017 was another one for books. CRSSD's bi-annual party is now an official staple in San Diego’s electronic scene and it's evident! The festival has matured, the music was selectively curated, and FNGRS CRSSD Promotions has done a great job perfecting the party process. A lot of the kinks have been worked out and the event ran smoothly. 


CRSSD festival has come into its own. The three main stages deliver and there is always a good vibe between party goers. The mix of festival goers ranges from burners to surfers and everything in between. I’ve attended CRSSD for a the past two years and I’m always amazed at how chill and respectful the crowds are.



Saturday started off beautifully with warm weather, clear skies and continued through Sunday. My two favorite acts for the weekend were Breakbot and Chromeo. Breakbot was a nice surprise. I hadn't heard of them until now! They nicely mesh together live music with an electronic sound and a throwback 70’s vibe. I danced and grooved my way through their whole set. The crowd was much bigger Sunday and Chromeo smashed the house as usual. I have seen Chromeo three times now and they consistently deliver. Some of the other notable acts for the weekend were RÜFÜS DU SOL, Cut Copy, Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons, Richie Hawtin, Emancipator, The Magician, and many more.


I feel like CRSSD is something hardcore music heads look forward to. The festival has transformed into a must attend event on the festival circuit and is putting SD on the house and techno map!

CRSSD Festival 2017 Spring | Phase 2

Positioned on the water in Downtown San Diego, CRSSD has emerged as a crown jewel in Southern California’s festival circuit, selling out both of its 2016 editions. In March CRSSD will again present the most cutting edge and exciting live and DJ talent from across the electronic music spectrum in the iconic Waterfront Park.

Since its inception in 2015, CRSSD has earned a reputation for showcasing the diverse, deeper and more intriguing artists in house, techno and leftfield strands of electronic music. CRSSD’s spring lineup will feature performances from standout live acts Blood Orange, AlunaGeorge, Dusky (a West Coast live debut), Recondite, and Bob Moses. CRSSD will also host the very best underground house and techno DJs including 2manyDJs, Jackmaster, Ame, Skream, Seth Troxler b2b Eats Everything, Damian Lazarus, Midland, and more, including special extended sets.

Rounding out the lineup will be some of contemporary music’s most in-demand acts including Flume, Duke Dumont, Snakehips, Giraffage and Lane 8.

Located in the idyllic urban core of San Diego’s downtown district, CRSSD blends Southern California culture with dance music’s underground roots producing an exceptionally unique vibe. Just minutes away from the Amtrak station, CRSSD’s grassy sanctuary is complete with technicolor sunsets, splash friendly fountains, and three stages. In addition to its ground-breaking musical programming, CRSSD also offers craft beer, gourmet food vendors from San Diego’s best restaurants, and a full mixology program. CRSSD is a 21+ festival.

About CRSSD Festival:

CRSSD is a Spring/Fall, 21+ festival taking place at Waterfront Park, on the Bay of San Diego. CRSSD debuted in Spring 2015. CRSSD has booked artists including Chromeo, Nicolas Jaar, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Giorgio Moroder, Empire Of The Sun, Odesza, Pete Tong, Maceo Plex, James Murphy and more.

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Further Future - A Trailer for a New Age

By Derek Ruhland

Last year when Further Future's debut was announced, the noise I heard about it would more appropriately be described as a grumbling than as a buzz. Complaints in the comment sections of pre-coverage about the new event, or around the camp stove and other festivals, ranged from indignation at the ticket price, to indignation at the "invite-only" attendance, to indignation at the location of the event on tribal land.

Southern Californian's uneasiness with the ever-increasing commodification of festival culture had, it seemed, focused itself onto this well-funded upstart event outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Being from the land of Coachella, I was used to bathing in the frustration surrounding VIP sections and private after parties, but the foamy waters of discontent surrounding Further Future seemed, to me, to be unjustified in their vitriol. Yes, its branding was slick and its bent corporate, but I held that Robot Heart was trying to do something new and cool - to embrace the Silicon Valley takeover of Burning Man so many others deride - and to bring innovation, and dare I say a specific kind of progress, to the world of alternative music festivals.

The core of Radical Inclusion is allowing ourselves to experience discomfort at the unfamiliar, and rather than rejecting it, to do the introspective work of examining our immediate reactions from a place of both rationality and empathy. Failing to do so is the definition of being reactionary.

No, Further Future did not appear to be another love and light festival appealing to purists. It was something new, and I for one was happy to give it a chance. For what it's worth, my impression was validated with post-event coverage that rated the debut, at worst, a tentative success pending future adjustments.

I was determined to attend the sophomore effort and create an informed opinion for myself. I love new ideas, and I wasn't going to let haughty naysayers deter me.

Then I saw the 2016 trailer above and my heart sank a bit. All that tolerance and optimism flooded out of me when confronted with "attendees" that looked suspiciously like planted fashion models, tired buzzwords sliding by in the typographic equivalent of a Volvo sedan, and an unreasonably nauseating image of identical white circus tents arranged in a grid, filled with costumed yuppies eating pop-up gourmet fare.

But I was uneasy with my own feelings. I couldn't help but think that I was being either unfair or ignorant, or that I was in fact the one out of touch. Before completing this write-up I put it aside for a couple of nights of sleep on it.

Then I saw the below video by Space-X and my failure to grasp the origins of my own reaction evaporated as quickly as liquid hydrogen. I, and everyone else blindly hating on Further Future are indeed the ones behind the times.

Silicon Valley is to our information age as Oil was to the industrial age. It's the trillion dollar beating heart of the new economy, and to expect it to maintain anti-establishment aesthetics is absurd. We're still demanding that revolutionary ideas come in radical packaging, when we live in a time where nearly unbelievable progress in both thinking and technology are as commonplace as was the production of textiles 100 years ago.

In the below video, a massive leap in our reach for the stars is branded identically to Further Future. Maybe we've reached peak alt. Maybe shiny, corporate, controlled, and relentlessly bounding into the greatest unknown, maybe Space-X, is a better representative of our current zeitgeist than a staunchly counterculture hippyfest. And maybe Robot Heart gets that.

My personal journey back to giddy anticipation at the prospect of experiencing this new kind of festival has revealed to me, in a way like nothing before it, the extent to which in our modern era we run a real risk of allowing the fantastic to become banal, and of forgetting that the further we go, the more we live in the future every day.

CRSSD Festival Spring 2016

Photography by Felicia Garcia, Skyler Greene, Glen Silva, Gabe Tiano

Kinofilia Coverage: Arik Chapin

CRSSD Festival Spring 2016, located at the grandiose Waterfront Park in San Diego (SD), California, showcased a delightful set of electronic, house, and techno artists. CRSSD is an upcoming boutique music festival showcasing some great underground and mainstream talent in the electronic scene.

The artists and venue were reason enough to be beyond hyped for this event, which draws the surfers, burners, weekend festies and new wave hippy hotties into one nice electronic stew. CRSSD is located right next to the water and the back drop of high rises is reminiscent of an Edward Hopper painting.

With a rainstorm on the way, Saturday was looking to be the day to get it in before Mother Nature decided to make an appearance. The CRSSD venue is nicely spaced out between three main stages: The Palms, City Steps and Ocean View. By 4PM Damian Lazarus was throwing down at the City Steps; bouncing and bobbing was mandatory at this point. As the sun began to drop the bathroom lines swelled.

“I’ll take one of that!” Time to bust out the blanket and settle in for a Jon Hopkins sunset set! The deep ethereal sounds of John Hopkins slowly moved the crowd in and out of a trance state; Hopkins likes to spin to the heartstrings and pull at your emotional vessel. Time slowed and feelings morphed with light through the veins.





Dust the grass of your back and high five your neighbor! Spiritual naptime was over as Ben UFO took the stage just in time to get trippy. Odesza, with cliché yet necessary “face melting visuals” jammed their way through an amazing closing set as the rain began. However, due to unfortunate sound issues, many were left shouting, “TURN THE VOLUME UP!”

Sunday was a coin toss in terms of weather and artists. The rain poured down in the AM in an attempt to wash the hangover away. The Sunday lineup made it tough to choose between artists, but there were definitely some hits and misses. Hi-Lo killed it and Tycho had an incredible live (sunset) performance. The musical maniac was great to watch live as he produced colorful sounds and ambient waves. I overheard that it was hard to hear Chet Faker’s vocals due to sounds issues (again). He also only had an hour set to close out a sold out CRSSD. Tales of Us dropped out due to “health issues,” but Maceo Plex dropped in to save the evening. His high intensity set was a wonderful way to finish the festival.

CRSSD festival is leaving its mark on the San Diego music scene. With a five star location, talent, and vibe, it’s tough to go wrong with this house and techno festival.

P.S. Please add more bathrooms next time. Those lines were out of control!!!

Treasure Island Music Festival

Kinofilia Coverage:

Photography- AJ- Stitch Hands

Written by Hemal Lalabhai

The thermostat in the bay has been turned up this fall. Twain said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco," but it is apparent this fall that the heat is here to stay. It was appropriate that the weather the weekend of Treasure Island was equal to a warm day on a pirate's cove in the Bahamas. On its sand, a treasure chest full of acts that livened up the soulless Bayside Pirates and soulful lively Dharma filled Bayside Shamans that came out in force to dance the two days and two nights away to music that will follow us in the spirit world.


This intimate artificial island is in the middle of the San Fransisco Bay, and was used as a military base with Federal intent, as well as hosting capital-driven industries. Its dredged banks have tall tress and hillsides that slide into spectacular views of the SF skyline and the hillsides of the East Bay. It served as a port between SF and Alameda Island as well as an island stopover for the bay bridge.  It is now being remediated with conservation efforts by Bayside environmental residents, and warrants a handful of tourists that are eager enough to venture on to it for it's views, and dull factory and military history.


The festival was on the upper outer left side of Treasure Island facing west to the rapture that is the SF skyline. I walked in and my gaze fell upon the thousands of heads that bobbed and weaved through the festival grounds. I was greeted by hula hoopers, a man with dreads making bear sized bubbles, and a ferris-wheel decked out in hippie lights. The Bay showed up in force. The diversity that makes the bay a haven for free thinkers was violently on display as festival goers wore their freedoms lightly along with their love for music on their sleeves.

Leading up to the festival, I was shocked at how many peers, friends, and colleagues hadn't heard of the festival, or even half of the acts. I too was eager to see new names along with their new sounds. It was apparent upon my arrival that this festival is very intimate and it made me feel comfortable to be on this Island, part of the lively bunch of misfits, techies, and yogis that is the essence of the Bay's Dharma.


I have to start with Big Grams, THE set that took my breath away. They encouraged me to be unconscious with my dancing, their melodies rhythmically intertwined me with the crowed in a daze of familiar Outcast beats by Antwan "Big Boi" Patton and the electronic mysticism of Phantogram, made up of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel. I learned that together we could "beat the drum" to their "Drum Machine" and that everyone in and around me made the ground shake like it was our first night in Zion. You couldn’t find a soul in the crowd that didn’t know the lyrics to "Mrs. Jackson," a throw back that needs to be replayed more often by all you readers.


If you ever have the chance to see Big Boi, I hope you are graced with his upmost respect by singing with you the "special thing" we all have going on with "Mrs. Jackson."

Big Boi assassinated this set and had me along with everyone else in his tight gripped rap verses that hit each rhythmic cycle of Phantogram’ soothing duets, their street beats and psych pop. Phantogram gets me going on their own and this collaboration with Big Boi is undoubtedly a gift for all hip-hop and electronic lovers, trip hop, and a jest for the true meaning of what Phantogram are. 

I was truly a "Goldmine Junkie," throwing up the treasures of their sound to the crowd with my body, I found that regardless of age, race, religion, and drug preferences, all of us "Fell in the Sun,” with “Big Grams” in our pockets. In our fall, we all felt a burning within us that created our own alchemy for creating our own gold.


Sound Tribe Sector 9 is so funky you might wear down your shoes and tread the floors you'll be dancing on into dust. This psychedilea hip-hop, jazz funk band has everything and more that a band should have, meaning that they play instruments. The fruit of their hard work and sweat vividly brought the sun down on Saturday night and awakened the light in our third eyes, creating an awareness in our minds of what music has fled away from: the beauty of listening to live music with talented musicians kicking ass on their solos, and jamming their hair follicles out. Members - Hunter Brown, Zach Velmer, David Phipps, Jeffree Lerner, David Murphy were so composed and keen on sharing their collaborated music with us, that I too felt like I was on stage with them making music just by dancing with them in the crowd. The spectacular rainbow of lights that accompanied their show on stage, warmed on our faces, and I felt all the colors I was hearing on stage. I feel like I was inducted into the Tribe of Sector 9 and their sounds will live forever in the Bay, as it resonated with the setting of the sun and the inspiration they delivered in all hearts present, to this incredible encounter with their groovy eruption of skillful and tasty tunes.


I dig deadmau5 more than many other DJ's, and its my opinion that he has big ears for making some cosmic house tunes. His music helps me see past our planet into the stars beyond, the boundless spacey elements found in his heart raising melodies is a call to arms and legs to come to breath and dance. "I remember." deadmau5, known for his iconic mouse helmet, found his slice of cheese at Treasure Island. I witnessed a patron rage so hard he decided to take a nap in front of the sound stage... he passed out, in the wasteland that is EDM and house music. deadmaus5 kept us moving with his performance, setting fire to the crowd’s feet, keeping us warm as the Bay cooled us off. He actually cared about his crowd taking time to entertain us with a man in a shark outfit chasing him around the stage as he calmly drank a corona and went back to spinning religious beats into our minds and down into our hearts. deadmau5 made us passionate in his mixes and shared the pristine absurdity and awesomeness that house music is.  My friend AJ and I were awestruck with his set, his lightshow, his stage setup, and most of all… his desire to create that he brought gracefully to light when he performed for us.

Treasure Island is a very cozy intimate festival that makes you feel familiar with your surroundings regardless of you being from the Bay or not.  It has everything you would want from a festival: great food, overpriced booze, a Ferris wheel, sexy yogi hula hoopers, dazed drug techies, a lineup that has a bit of everything for everyone, and a free shuttle that takes you too and from the festival into the heart of SF near the Civic Center Union Plaza. If you’re in need of a festival that has a Do Lab presence and small clique of burning man attendees, along with pockets of EDM bounce house lovers, Treasure Island is the pirates life for you.